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This lovely picture by Karen Unicorn

When I was a little girl, I never made eye contact with anyone. I kept to
myself and played with my toys, which none were human, but animals. I never
called my mom, mom, or dad, dad. I would stare out the window of the truck my
parents drove everytime I would see any kind of animal.
I probably would have stayed that way, in my own world, looking through my
eyes, calling out for Unicorns to come, if my mother hadn't told me they
weren't real. She threw all my toys away in an attempt to reach me. She did.
For a while as I grew older, I was a human girl. I was to cry, laugh, love
and see everything as a human. It was one day that I finally got to get a
horse. I talked to her like no one else. I saw myself in her eyes. And that
was it.
Then my parents took her away from me. I could no longer see my sister, and
my true love. I cried. And then one day, I met my own reflection in a mirror.
It was like, I had always known it. It was who I was. I had several nervous
breakdowns, and mind trips due to the depression of losing my friend. It was
not till I tried to take my own life, being unhappy with being stuck alone,
that I was given my horse back.
It may not make sense, but I know who I am. I know that I am not alone in
this, and I know that because of my love and respect for animals, it is
something that wont fade out or become a distant memory.
I am a Unicorn. I have always been. I have returned since to the days of my
youth and I bought back alot of toys which were taken from me. I see ignorance
as the world's falling downspiral. And I search for others who share the same
view. I guess that is all I can say besides wishing I could go back, before
this, before these hands and feet, back, to when I was happy

Karen Unicorn

I do not know, as of yet, that I am a unicorn. But I have always been difrent.
I was always the outsider in school. At a young age, I think around 5, when my
parrents got a divorce, my unicorne gaurdian first revield herself. She has
been an intical part of my life for 18 years now. She has defended my inermost
innocence and feelings with a passion that can never be rivald. I have been
empathic for as long as i can remember. I know instantly wether or not I will
get along with a person. And no matter their facial expression or voice, i
know their feelings. I have always felt a conection to the Earth and the
wilderness. I can't stand crowds of people. Does this make me a unicorn? If I
am, it will explaine a great many things about me.

I'm different from all my other friends at school.They know it too.ONe
day,when my friend were walkking in the woods,she noticed that when I step,I
make very little noise,while she makes very much noise.She says that my eyes
are different from everyone else's.She says that when she lookes at them,she
feels that she is looking into another world.I have strange memories that I
know I should not have.They are not dreams,but something eles.
Brittany Lamb

Junior High was where I first really knew. Sure, I'd seen "The Last
Unicorn" years before, but the reason it had stuck in my head hadn't
become clear until this particular day. I was going through books in
the school library, looking for something to take to the designated
"reading period".
I picked up, far away from its customary place in the sci-fi section,
a short-story book called "Bestiary". I happen to like short stories,
so I lleafed through to a random story and read the first couple pages. The
story was "The Black Horn" by Jack Dann.

The actual content of the story isn't as relevant today, but it
starts out as a man looks out the window of his hotel room on the 10th
floor,when he sees the unicorn. For some reason, I imagined the scene of
myself sitting in that hotel room, seeing the unicorn. And suddenly,
I feel the overwhelming urge to jump out, through the window, to the

I suddenly realized that I was back in the library, still holding the
book. I had been caught up in the imagination of a young boy once
again. So, I kept on reading, and it's not a paragraph later that the man in
the story almost gives in to *exactly* the same overwhelming desire
to jump through the window to the unicorn.
At that moment, I knew.
That was almost a decade ago, and you know what? I still know.
Mark Nguyen

I was seven years old when my dad took me to see the Last Unicorn.
At first I didn't want to go, because I thought it was one of dose boring movies
parents always take their kids to. In the very beginning of the movie I
turned to my dad and said "Dad this looks really boring". Then I heard the most
beautiful music in the world. It was the "The last Unicorn" song. I fell in
to silence and I when I saw the unicorn, (the very first time I had ever seem
what a unicorn looked like) I was mesmerized. When the movie ended I
didn't' want to leave, and luckily for me my dads friend were on their way to see the
same movie so I went with them to see it once more. I don't know why but
ever since I saw that movie my life has changed and I look at the world so
differently. I love unicorns and I love everything that they stand

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