Look into her eyes
what do you see?
Do you see you there,
or something so different?

She is not like you,
her soul is too pure.
She is one of them,
she's a unicorn.

Do you know,
what a unicorn is?
Do you know,
where they go to play?

She knows, look into
her all knowing eyes.
She has seen them play,
and she was seen them laugh.

She is a unicorn,
far different from you.
I am with her now,
because I'm one too.

Elizabeth Connell <unicorn_starlight@yahoo.com>

Be still, lonely heart,
The time of joining
Draws ever closer.

Wait with quietude
In the verdure
And the Unicorn
Will appear,
To lay his weary head
On virgin breast.
Sweet heart, dear heart,
Have no fear for the beast,
For the Hunter will bring no harm.

Where love alights
With truth and trust,
There forms a charmed circle.
Those kissed by lust or greed
Are powerless to enter -
Turning their backs to the light.
But those without fear
Are One with Love:
And made most gladly welcome.
Jules Storey-Taylor


When the sky is light you can find her there
Greeting the dawn with a shake of her hair
Telling the glen folk that she’s still here
Their protector through the ages will always be here
Try to find her if you can she’s always there
Never where you look but only where you don’t
That’s part of her magic that helps her take care
Of the glen folk in her care
Look with your heart not with your eyes
The heart of the pure can see while the eyes are always blind
In my heart I have found her a dozen times over
But my eyes have never seen the unicorn

Susan Roden <roden@mohaveaz.com>




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