The half-page style is best for just printing and
handing or mailing to someone. It prints on one
side which leaves the whole other side blank to
write in. Just print the file and write in it. The
quarter page style is best for e-mailing.
Take the file, and edit it in Paint (or something
better). You have to rotate it 90 degrees and write
to the left of the "Why Unicorns?" paragraph.
Just write what you want, save it, and attach it to
your e-mail. Be sure to explain to the receiver that
it is meant to be a card and to be folded in fourths.
The advantage of the card is that the person can
keep it, and look at it over and over.

So how do you get the cards? Well for now, send
me an e-mail at
Due to family illness, I am not very sophisticated
right now, but I will improve this as I get time.
Remember, if you send this to all you love and
they send it on, we can send love all around the