Down the southern roads we ran
Swift forgetting all our past
>From the red engulfing horror
To the sea and safety, fast
Loosed again one glorious morning
By Amalthea, the Last
Turned again unto our forests
For the violet sup, repast.

Now the time is gathering nearer
When away our hoof beats ring
>From the forests of beginnings,
>From the pools of bubbling spring,
Cross the northern Triune Hillside
With the loved ones that we bring
To the future set before us,
To the destiny we sing,
To the Master, Friend, and Maker
Of the Northlight bright, glist'ning.

Listen now my fondling stranger
To the chorus of the night,
To the singing of the wonder,
To the sound of justice bright,
To the laughter of the seashore,
To the knell of Truth and Right,
To the rhyme of Reason sounding
With a pure unchanging light.
Sing along if you would follow.
sing with all your heart and might.

Gene Pippenger <>

In the days of long ago
When unicorns roamed the sun
Listen closely to a tale
Of blessings passed down one by one
The first to hear was Abraham of old
Down thru Isaac then Jacob now Israel of old
To Joseph of many colors
The younger will be greater so Ephraim is told
From there we donít know how down the line it went
But Jesus of Nazareth is the first Unicorn Iíve met
Through his truth and light the path was sown
His blood paved the way for the unicorns of today
Following behind them are the sheep of his flock
Traveling down manís road to find the sheppard of us all
Our Father in Heaven is waiting for us there
If you stop and lose your way donít despair
Open your eyes and a unicorn will be there
Sheíll lead you back to the path that was sown
The light from her horn will lead you back home
The tale is long gone but the blessing remains
In the unicorns of today

Susan Roden <>

Gene Pippenger April 15th, 1980
excerpt from cycle XVII of To April
And from Marti I have learned
Flying wings cannot be earned.
Unicorns do learn to fly
When place, not time, doth pass them by.

Gene Pippenger <>

The Unicorn is
Everything is
The Unicorn is
Mark Nguyen




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