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My grandmother always showed me the beautiful unicorn when we went down
to the beach (we lived 900 meters above the sea, here in Curitiba,
Brazil). I couldn't see the little animal, cause I was looking in a
wrong way. Maybe I didn't know how to look to the unicorn, maybe I was
afraid of being a unicorn. I was a little girl, divided between growing
up or not growing up at all... My grandmother was very patient with me.
She said that if I were really interested, I would naturally see the
unicorn one day.
She's dead today. She's dead since 1986, when I was 21. Now I'm 34 and I
don't have yet children to show my own unicorn. But when I sleep, I call
my grandmother to see us: me and my unicorn, with whom I love to
disguise myself. I know she's seeing us every night, cause she knew that
I would see her unicorn one day. Seeing thinks of beauty and true is
great! And it's natural, too. As natural as finding an unicorn near us,
helping us, loving us, when we really wanted to be helped and loved.

Raquel Illescas Bueno <>

Just last year did I finally realise that I was a unicorn. I haven't
ever told anyone this. I have always believed that there were unicorns,
even when I was first born it seems that I was different. I have always
felt a special connection with nature and all that is in it. It was
when I looked at your page that it dawned on me that I am a uncorn.
With my friends I have always been able to tell if something is
bothering them no matter what their facial expresion was. I also can
tell when I first meet someone if they are good or bad. When I was 10
my mother was shot, I did not see who had shot her but I knew instantly
who it was. I believe that when the time is right that all of the
unicorns in the world will reviel themselves. All of my life I have
been facinated with unicorns and dragons.

Janelle <>

I love reading about unicorns, anything I can get my hands on
them, have since I could read. My friends always tolerate it and laugh,
leting me have my "vice"...
I've always been sick at violence, movies, real life. I drive
carefully at night...I hit a rabbit once on a back road...and i've never
cried so hard. I just sat there in front of my car..oblivious to
anything but the fact that i had killed this rabbit. Animal heads on
walls make me sick...
but get to my moment...
I was reading a book my mother had bought me for my 20th
there was a word in it....Nentikobe. The word meant unicorn...or some
type...but I took a pen and wrote it down on a piece of paper. Before I
knew it, I was penning it everywhere. It became my screen name online,
it just fit me. The word just became a part of me so deeply that it
seemed more than any nickname.
I've looked for unicorns everywhere...I still think i can see
them in
the Ocean like in "The Last Unicorn"...but staring at the
waves...staring out into the something that has always
brought me more peace than anything. I would give anything to see a
unicorn...but to be one? That would be a dream come true.

Nentikobe <>

I've loved Unicorns ever since I could remember. But it wasn't till
years ago when I began working with someone, that I realized she loved
Unicorns as much as I did and because of her, those feelings I tried to
about Unicorns, because mortals just don't understand, suddenly began to
surface as I was finally able to share them. It was because of meeting
becoming friends that I was able to write a Unicorn poem. There are many
Unicorns out there, they are warm, friendly, loving and giving of all
hearts, for they are very trusting, but be gentle when you meet them, as
are also lonely and sensitive.

Several of my own questions were answered in Roy's book, Are You A
Unicorn? I
have come to realize more and more that, yes, I am a unicorn.

I feel a little strange actually talking about this, but I've always felt a connection with unicorns. Although I've
never had a "Unicorn moment", I've always believed (even now, and I'm 22) that unicorns and dragons exist.
When "The Last Unicorn" was released, I watched it 52 times. It still makes me cry when my daughter watches
it. I can't say that I am a unicorn, but they are definately a real part of our lives, lighting the path with truth, love
and innocence for all those who care to see-or truly believe. No-one will ever convince me that these magnificent
beings are only a myth, and we can all learn many lessons from them-the greatest being unconditional love (for
all creatures). Blessed be. Mystique.

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