The time at last has come
So stand up and shout
Unicorns are coming
The time is at hand
The gathering is here
They’ll lead the way
Unicorn songs lighting the road
Out of hiding they’ve come at last
Acknowledging themselves once again
Look around in wonder and find
Unicorns rising up for all to see
No longer alone are we
Hand in hand we’ll go 
And together we’ll find
The light from the unicorns will bring everyone back home 
Susan Roden <> 
Hello, my name is Crystal Rodriguez. About 4 years ago, I wrote a poem
just out of nowhere. It was about a unicorn and that's all I thought it
was about. Till I read your book. Then I went digging for it, and I
understood it completly. I've always knew I was much different from
anyone else. A lot more compassionate then others, I knew. But never in
my life, before I read this book, would I have known whom I really was.
Thank you for writing a superb book. And I send with you the poem,
please post it if you can, along with my e-mail. Thank you again

A blur of white 
A horn to fight 
Radiance glows so bright 

Mane that flows 
Hooves to go 
Tail as soft as a rose

Her eyes, unwearied and clear 
Never made to bring fear 
Or tears 

She moves like a shadow on the sea 
Gracefully and silently 
Believed, she was never meant to be 

Lived older than time 
Lived older than mine 
Her skin so fine 

A silver stamp 
A hoof slightly damp 
Tonight, under this saw palm will be her camp 

Kick up the sand 
A beauty so grand 
If only she could find a safe hand 

But she lives alone. She should 
Gallop in her wood 
For only she could

-Siren <> 

Why do they hurt the unicorn?

i am from your wanting
i am from everyone's needing
what they want is truth
what you need is love its what i am
im alive as long as truth exists
i am alive in your dreams
you make me different in your reality
you make me seem dumb
but deep down you know
im everything you ever wanted ever needed
dont lose it
do not hurt the unicorn or she will vanish 4-ever
and you will only havethe memories of pure truth pure love
only a memory that is so far away
dont let your fear take over what you want
take control and tie that fear up and believe in me
cant you see me???
just open your eyes look into your heart
into your dreams what you wanted what you got
people here are so full of pain,hatred and confusion
it rubs off on me they have poisoned me
but i still remember home, remember the truth
i see it in my dreams i see glimpses of it in the woods in the
flowers and 
in a few people
i am your way to happiness and peace
i have your ticket and all you have to do is believe
and when you do my unfinished explanations will be finished
and y ou will understand everything of me of you and why i
couldn't open up

why hurt the unicorn
when if you do all truth will vanish from your life
and your entire world of existence.....

i hope you like that, its the unicorn, me, stargazer speaking
to the world, 
maybe someday they will listen and open up, wouldn't that be

i would also like to share something else from the voice of
stargazer, i 
hope you like it...

one of the pure and truth ones
i've only been caught between the sun's rising and the
shattering of a lone 
star, caught between the breeze of a dying star of a dying day
and brand new 
born day
i am a pure one of truth
i am a child of the shattering star as its diamonds fell to the
earth and 
the morning sun shined on them and the soft cool breeze blew on
i was born.....

thank you once again...,


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