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        The gate swung open on its rusty hinges as Rose walked into the fenced in meadow. She brushed a few strands of auburn hair that fell into her oval face. Her dark brown eyes watched while a large white Clydesdale came toward  
her with his slow nodding head and dull thudding horse hooves 
covered by  feathered hair.  Rose moved to his side, not mounting, merely tangling slender fingers in the unkept ragged mane. The two walked together in silence out on to an old dusty road. His head turned slightly and as it did, a flicker of light slid over the spiraling horn between the horse's sea blue  
eyes. She smiled at the Unicorn. 

        "Welcome home." He spoke in an old slow voice. 

        "Thank you, friend. It has been too long." She answered as they walked slowly down the country road. " I am surprised to still find your here.Surely the fence does not hold you." 

        "No, young filly, I knew you would return and I waited, I have time." 

        "Young filly?" She laughed looking over her twenty two year old body. "You will call me that when I am a hundred and three." 

        "Unicorn, young or old you will never surpass my age." He chuckled with a toss of his name, " But tell me of you?" 

        "I am well, though the city, sometimes, with all its 
buildings and roaring noises, smothers me. Too many humans and not enough space but among them I have found others."  She paused a moment as a truck rumbled by, the driver  
casting them a quizzical look. Rose sighed, " Why can they not see us?" 

        The unicorn watched the truck pass before looking back to answer simply, "  
They do not want to." 


        "They have forgotten, almost mercifully for their sake, we remind them of what they have lost, and can not regain, the enchantment, the innocence, the beauty, so they turn away. Looking at only what they have gained,reality.." 

        "But it is so cold…so..sad." 

        The unicorn merely shook his head and continued down the road. "It is the way they are, as the way we are." 

        After a short silence he spoke again, "so you have seen 
others? Like yourself?" 

        "Yes, there are more of us then we thought only unknown even sometimes to themselves. We have found in each other a sanctuary from the solitude. Our differences are the same, finding family, friends…lovers.." she paused. 

        "You, you have a lover then?" whickered her companion. 

        "Yes." She replied softly. 

        "But he is not unicorn." More of a statement then an answer then a question as the two turned down the winding road following the trees that lined the country lane. His hooves left cloven prints in the dirt, which disappeared  
under the swirling of dust blown by a gentle wind. 

        "No, but still…" 

        "You love him and love, my good friend, has no bounds. Look at us. The lion will lay down with the lamb in the name of love." 

        "Or in this case the unicorn." She smiled stroking the 
unicorn's coat. Her dark eyes stared contemplatively at the road before them. 

        "He knows?" a curious lilt in the unicorn's voice. 

        "That is when I knew I loved him, is when I let him know who and what I am." 

        "And you are Unicorn. We are unicorn." 

        "Yes." She murmured gently resting heavily against him, her cheek pressed to the soft silky fur. 

        Together they strolled easily down the road. The branches reaching from the trees along the curb entwined allowing streaks of sunlight to spot the dirt street. Golden shafts slipped over their quiet serene faces. A light 
breeze swept along the broad path stirring dust and ruffling her auburn hair and his off whit locks. 

        Among all this and the gentle singing of the birds 
flittering through the trees and the slow sinking of the sun the unicorns walked. And nothing more being said, as if nothing more needed to be said between them.

"Ushie Williams" <>

Your web site has really grabbed my attention. You had helped me rediscover myself. I always thought I was alone in this world until I read
your, and other people's unicorn moments. I had tears in my eyes as I
read the stories, as if I had finally found my family. I have many
unicorn moments myself which I will share with you some other time because I am still overwhelmed with emotion. Since my youth I always knew who I was but in the 
past few years I had lost myself. I felt so lonely that I tried to fit in 
with the human world. Finally, tonight I allowed myself to get
lost in music. I put in my Enya tape, which I haven't listened to for a
very long time, closed my bedroom door and turned off the lights. My soul started to drift off. As I was listening to the music I found myself lying in the middle of a forest. Near my feet, there was a beautiful crystal
clear stream flowing, and drinking from the stream was a majestic white
unicorn. I felt so much at home. I that moment I remembered who I felt I was when I was younger but the feeling was still a little unclear. A little while later I decided to log on the internet. For some reason I was compelled to do a search on unicorns. I found a short list of websites and
decided to visit yours. I still didn't realize I was a unicorn until I read what you had written on unicorns and the unicorn moments. I finally know who I really am. 
Thank you for your help.
"Eve G" <>
I beleive that I am a unicorn.   
I have seen them and felt them. 
I have even been healed by one. 
I have been fasinated with unicorns ever since I could remember.   
One day when I was eight, I was playing hide and seek in the woods, and I got lost 
I fell over a rock and injured my knee.  I started to crry.  I remember sitting there when all of a sudden the air got 
so sweet you could almost taste it.  A unicorn came out of the woods and looked at me with eyes of sorrow.  
As if it could feel my pain.  I stoped crying and just sat there. It touched my knee with its horn and said to me it 
will be all right.  I am with you, and will always be.  If ever you think you are alone then just remember me.  And 
any time you feel frightened then just look to your heart and you will find me there.  Now I must go.  With that he 
touched me with his horn on my forhead and left.  As soon as he was gone my friends found me.  They said I 
had been gone for hours and they had been looking for me.  My friend said he checked the spot The spot 
where they found me twice.  Thats how I new that I had truly seen a unicorn. 
And I know I am one because he has told me so in my heart many times. 
Once when I was a little girl about 3 or 4 years my grandfather died. But the strangest thing was that a few minutes before the doctor came out to tell us he didn't make it, I saw him in the waiting room I was in, he was faded looking but Iwas able to see him and no one else could and he had waved to me and smiled.I never saw him again,but only in my dreams. Now I beleive
any thing is possible and I have always believed in unicorns. They are one of the two many things I believe are true and beautiful. The other is god. I believe god has created a specail creature to help heel us and help us find true love and
happiness. They are the true creatures of the earth and for one day I hope to see and meet one for these fasinating creatures are the true dreams and and hopes of the world. 
Thank you for believing sincerely yours Danielle from NJ
       "fredh" <>
This description that you gave of unicorns is like reading a webpagebased on myself. Its amazing! I never thought that I could
actually be a unicorn even though I have always been the "strange person",
or "the loser outcast" in school and everyday life. Well, anyways, at
night, I go outside and  take a walk, or just sit on my driveway. The warm
summer night breeze brings comfort, and I have to force myself back into the house. Sometimes, I will just wish that I could be in unicorn form, and gallop away from all my problems. If I close my eyes and
listen, sometimes, I can hear a faroff whinny that seems to drag me towards it.
I have never found anyone that feels the way I do about the mystical
world, but now, thanks to this webpage, I know that I am not alone.

Your Fellow Unicorn,

       Artist Mythriss <>

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