Unicorn Moments
Unicorn Moments is devoted to those flashes of insight that help define what it means to be a unicorn. I would like readers to contribute to this page by sending me an E-mail with your unicorn moments. I will start with a few of mine, but hope to soon fill this page with your unicorn moments.
I was deer- hunting with my father when I was about 12 years old. He shot a young buck right through the throat. As we approached him, he was lying on the ground bleeding to death, but still alive. He looked at us with these incredibly beautiful big brown eyes as if to say "Why did you do this to me?" I immediately lost all desire to ever hunt again. Roy Wilkinson
The current scandal in the White House has brought much talk about honesty, truth and lying. Many commentators are saying that everybody lies, and we all decide whether lying is in our best interest before we tell the truth. A person who tells the truth when it is in their best interest is not a truthful person. Truth is not in our actions, but in our soul. Truth is who we are. Roy Wilkinson
what iam about to reveal here is really going to sound crazy so please bare
with me i assure you iam not lol but when i was little i lived in orlando
florida and we for most of that time lived in a trailer park that had a orange
tree grove behind it my mother being very protective of me never wanted me to
go into the grove ....well as it happens childern defy their parents for
whatever reason and one day i went exploring and to this day the the moments
of what happened have never left my mind...(heresthe crazy part).........i was
playing in the dirt making ant hills for ants lol not knowning at the time
they had to make their own homes , when {this part is hard to describe}......a
silence fell over the grove as if the whole world had stopped then thats when
i saw what at the time i thought was a horse [IT WAS NOT TILL MANY YEARS LATER
I FOUND OUT IT WAS A UNICORN]......and the horse walked slowly toward me and
said that no matter what i should always remember this meeting and whenever i
felt sad i should remember ...and when people are cruel i should remember and
in turn for remembering i will be rememebered . I have never spoke of this to
anyone i have always felt alone in my being except for that one moment and
sometimes in my minds eye i can hear the unicorns words and iam then i feel a
calm like no other and now that i know there are others iam joyful at your
discovery and feel as if the unicorn has made good on its promise..... thank
you for letting me share this i have carried this memory for many years unable
to speak of it with anyone. unilight to all ....ucornia

I was about six years old when my mom took my brother 
and I to the Sonaran Desert Museum. On the way home we
stopped at this one museum ( I can't remember the name). We didn't
know when we stepped inside that the museum was made by a hunter.
So we went inside and there were mounted heads everywhere.
I wanted to scream. It looked like they were all staring at me.
I kept on wondering why anyone would kill such gorgeous creatures.
I knew then that I would never hunt. I believe it is all right to kill animals
for food, but to kill them for sport is awful.
Samantha Abraham <
I have always wondered why I am different.....
when people are cruel it hurts to watch them,
when people are cruel to me i feel as if i want to cry...

I usually eat meat but when I bite into it sometimes I
get a sick feeling that seems to hurt not just my body,but my mind
and soul.

Once my father and I were drving down the road we live on
when i saw a doe laying on her side in a ditch,she had been
hit,and she had a baby inside her,my dad had a shotgun in his truck
so he pulled it out and shot the doe,killing her and the
baby....I hit my father a few times screaming at him even though he was
putting it out of its misery,but I felt as if I was experiencing
it's hurt and pain then its soul being lifted away from its body...but
it was two souls,the mama and the baby,I ran all the way down the
highway to my driveway crying the whole time and i ran in the
house and ran into my room and cryed for an hour and a half.

That expeirience has haunted me for 2 years.And people never
seem to understand me either....sometimes it hurts and feels like
i dont belong anywhere on this planet or on any other for that
matter. I feel like I am separate from everything and everyone i

"Kittie" Katherine G.T.


When I was either 5,6,7...not sure but it was somewhere
within that time...i went hunting with my Grandpa. He wanted to show his
little granddaughter the kinds of things he enjoyed doing. He shot down a big buck
deer and when i went up to see them I got a sick feeling of deep sadness
and wanted to scream and cry and throw up all at the same time. The next thing
i knew i saw a brilliant light standing above me telling me everything
was okay. I recognize it now as being the spirit of the buck. I've never been
hunting since, nor has my Grandpa. When my father goes, I scream and tell
him not to, even though I am 13. Thank you for listening to my story.


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