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This happened to me along time ago. I was 5yrs. old at the time, now I'm 15. I
was walking in the woods with one of my friends, we some how lost each other.
I got so scared, I hid behind a rock crying my eyes out. I started to hear the
sounds of pranceing hooves. That scared me even more so i started screaming.
As soon as I stopped screaming I saw a horse come in to view. I thought it was
the horse from the farm down the street but as it got closer, I noticed that
it had a single ivory white horn implanted in it's forehead. I was in total
amazement. It slowly came over. We were face to face. It allowed me to pat
it's noseand it softly nuzzled my chin. Then it just dissapeared. I found my
friend asleep on swing between her yard and the wood. No one ever believed me
because I was known for my love for mythical beings and a very powerful
imagination. But I stillfeel deep in my heart what I saw was real and I don't
really care if no one believes me. I know what I saw and all that matters is
I have my memory of it.


It was not chance
That brought me to thee,
To scoop you from the ground
Up to lesser heights than where you belonged;
To hold you gently within my hands
And raise you to my breast,
Where your innocence and trust
Touched my heart.

Perhaps pain had blunted instinct.
For there was no frail pitter-patter
Beneath my fingertips.
No fear that I could feel or see.

I traced your tiny head
With my cheek
And your song of joy
Was heard within me.

I had no choice.
I had to leave.
Time and conscience
Of human manufacture
Were your enemy.
Not I -
Never I.

I returned to seek
But could not find.
I returned and returned again.
Too late -
The spirit within you departed.
Your courage could not keep you alive:
And you lay
Stiff and cold
With unseeing eyes.

It was you -
Yet you no longer.

The tangled wing which bound you
Will fetter you no more.
I am glad:
I would not have you live
Unable to fly.
Now you may ride an eternal breeze
And soar to kiss the sun.

But you will not be forgotten -
In the lesson which you brought me
And your music, which enriched my soul,
I will remember you.

A R Taylor <>

*sigh* I love nature as well as its creations.... yet few people seem to
share the same love for it as I have. Why? I cannot bare to squash an ant,
and others say I am afraid of them(ants). Truly, I just feel that harming
them out of irritance is rather unreasonable.
I would much rather go to a quiet part of a forest than a shopping
complex or archade........
Nature is a flowing energy that breaths life into our empty vessels. Why
do so few humans realize this? Are they so shut off from their
inner-consciousness? And why have I always, from young, realized this
trueness about Nature?
I eat meat, I dare say. Yet going to exhibits of animal figureheads
disgust me completely. Not that I want to go there. But my parents love
this sort of thing..... :oP I get goose-pimples all over me when I see
these sort of things...... :oP
I truly and most sincerly hope for the day that the entire race of
humanity will realize the importance of all-knowing the very thing that we
breath, live and feel well as where we come from.

>From a unicorn (I think): Jayne Wellers
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I know it sounds crazy, but my friends think I might be a unicorn,
just trapped in my human form. I was walking with one of my friends
along a gravel road. We were exploring the edge of a forest. We could
hear her footsteps when she walked, but when she stopped, and I kept
walking, I made no sound at all. And I look very young. I am 23 yet I
look as if I am seventeen. I actually saw another unicorn, when I was
17. I feel as if I have remained unchanged since then. I have more
wisdom, but I still look young. I may be a in a human woman's body,
but I wish I had my true form whenever I wished it. But I will be
content for now. Maybe there's a reason that I'm in this body..
Eryn. W. age 23.

I have always felt as if I were a bit different...maybe even weird. I feel
things very deeply and see things when I look that others don't see. When I
ask them, they look at me as if I were strange. There have been many times
when I've been horseback riding in the past that I've happened onto a place
where it felt as if it were guarded by something (or someone) special.
There seemed to be a quality about it that I didn't feel in other places I
would ride. I have been working on a web page dedicated to unicorns. I
hope I will hear from you.

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